Review request of Flow Bindings × Welcome! Set it and forget it. Here at, we’ve reviewed the Best Snowboard Bindings available for every style of riding. Flow snowboard bindings are the fastest rear entry binding system on the market, and we have created a comprehensive guide to help you chose the perfect Flow binding for your needs. Shop Now On Amazon! The Flow Alphas are compatible with 2×4, 4×4, and Burton’s 3D, only missing Channel board compatibility. These were comfortable for me and caused no weird pinching or pressure. The highback is quite flexible here and has a unique rear-entry mechanism which does help a lot, especially if you are riding in the park where you are constantly rushing to the top in order to try a trick one more time. That same affordability is backed by the unique rear-entry step-in design which makes strapping much faster and easier, and while the rest of your friends will spend some time at the top of the hill strapping, you will already be halfway down. While super comfortable thanks to their fusion design, the buckles of the straps aren’t the most durable and are often a point of complaints from customers. We do things different and we make no apologies for that. Most other bindings are using a more traditional EVA that is easier to compress. Rider in Mind: All mountain ride everything everywhere rider that is still interested in having a toe cap. There are plenty of snowboarding websites out there, but not all of them are going to be to your liking. Still, this is quite universal and will help you fit the bindings to most board types. just fits some boots. The Flow M9-SE Snowboard Bindings feel like traditional strapped bindings with less foot pressure. Learn how your comment data is processed. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The thing that is worth mentioning here is that the falling back of the highback doesn’t compromise its integrity or rigidity. Luckily, thanks to the step-in design, you won’t have to use them really often or as much, as they will just require a click or two to get you in and out. It simply is built very well to accommodate the rear-entry design. That makes them perfect for park snowboarding where you will mostly hit rails and will need the most control in your movements. My coach is sponsered by flow and gets free gear and chooses to use Flow not because he gets it for free, but because it works. Hi. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. With Flows you always want to remember that you don’t have to crank the straps for them to do their job. On the inside of the highback, there is EVA cushioning which helps with comfort, making these especially good for beginners. That usually brings construction quality down a bit but I honestly don’t have any major complains about it here with a single exception of the buckles. You can move the heelcup/highback forward and back to center your boot by loosening the bolts by the aluminium wings and sliding them forward or back. Weighs a little more than many pump bindings. Based on your location, we have set your preferences to: Region We do not ship to this location. That can be good for people looking for comfort but at the same time, they don’t provide a lot of power transfer from the bindings to the board. My Verdict: If you are tired of spending precious time at the top of the hill strapping in your traditional bindings, then these rear-entry Flow Alpha bindings are just the thing for you. Will this be a good fit for Flow Drifter. Flow – Flow has been around since the early 90’s and only make snowboarding equipment, they have a lineup of quality bindings at very reasonable prices.