I can't see the marks in your pictures. But my problem is that the exhaust camshaft is not at the 12 o'clock position and the chain link count from intake to exhaust marks … Which is #1 cylinder? Good luck. Then count the number of links between the top cylinder head to the cam sprocket timing mark. My inlet valve should open 6 degrees before TDC. Plus the long screw driver is touching piston #1 at TDC. Cam timing for nissan sr20 vvl - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Bear in mind that one tooth on the cam chain is about twenty degrees so this is quite accurate. Reinstall your CAS. Mechanical timing seems spot on. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Once you get it to turn and you see the marks and it lines up on one or both cams when it is on TDC on #1 you will be able to tell if … Title: SR20.PDF Author: none Created Date: 7/30/2001 11:17:27 AM 08-09-2005, 09:50 PM. Now, your mechanical timing is dead-on and you're now at TDC on cylinder #1. 5. Timing marks-2.3L diesel engine Fig. I'm not sure what marks on the cam gears to look at. You have to keep turning the engine untill the marks on the timing chain show up *and* show up @TDC on #1. Location and correct alignment of timing marks for the timing belt (camshaft) Fig. Timing marks-2.4L engine More details, autozone.com (free register). Check the manual for cam timing specs. Im doing the headgasket. Hello, I have a s13 sr20det. Have checked correct number of links between marks on Cam gears, correct number of teeth visible above the line of the head, cam lobes are facing away from engine centre when TDC on No.1 and timing marks on cam sprockets and the keyways in the cams are positioned correctly at TDC. HoosierDrifter. SR20DET TIMING - Which CAS mark? Fig. The marks on the front pully are 5 degree increments. 4. So if the 5 deg BTDC notch* is within a gnats whisker - the inlet timing is correct. The SR20DET is a fantastic engine from Nissan and is extremely strong and reliable. So, i don't know if this is an issue but wanted to check with ya all. That's 11 if you're including the links right above the notches, as well. Timing is adjusted by rotating the crank angle sensor instead. Once you're there, look at the notches on the cams, and make sure you have 9 links between them. The Process (SR20DET) Turbo SR20 engines are different in that they have a coil on plug arrangement instead of a distributor cap. I'm trying to align the sprocket timing mark at 10 and 12 clock but the exhaust … This is located in the same place as the distributor cap on non turbo engines: on the front right of the cam cover, directly above the coolant line. The timing chain tensioner is not installed yet.The silver link is on the intake side correctly lined up with the dot. Check the front pulley. Timing belt and components-2.0L engine Fig. Do i Time off of #1? Based around a light alloy block with alloy heads the twin cam setup uses tried and tested parts and the relatively recent T28 turbo and intercooler made the engine stand out among it’s peers. Best way is to remove spark plug, and put a long extention or similar down into the cylinder. I took the head out to get it resurfaced, cleaned and check. 6. But the second notch should be TDC. Doesn't matter really about loosing timing marks on the chain to the sprockets, so long as the chain is around the bottom sproket and the no1 piston is at TDC, set the cams to the correct position for TDC and the fit chain round cam sprokets.