As the homeowner, you should carefully consider your personal requirements and expectations. Check with the homeowner what is “normal” for the electrics. Visa requirements differ from country to country and depend upon the passport you’re travelling on. Home owners join for free. Your responsibilities begin before applying for any house sit. Don't have a house party. While it may be tempting to accept the first person that applies to your Are you wondering what house sitting etiquette involves and what to expect when you get a gig? Create your listing or apply for sits with an annual membership. Thanks for enjoying the post and forwarding it. There are very definite benefits to having a house sitter stay in your property to look after the pets and the home while you are away. Does the homeowner require you to have your own vehicle or a driver’s license? A successful sit starts with a great handover, in which you settle your sitter in and make sure they have everything they need. The following guidelines are here to help you and your pet sitter arrange a safe and successful sit so you can travel with true peace of mind. Once you’ve returned home to your happy pet, there are a few final steps to take: 1. Now it’s time to move on to the topic of house sitter decorum…. You need to be ready to present yourself as a win to essentially complete strangers, as they hand over the keys … By messaging via the website or app, you can get to know sitters without having to share any personal information, like phone numbers. I’m mindful of not including the homeowner’s displayed photographs in the background. Usually the main reason an owner wants a house sitter to look after their house for free is to look after their pets and to keep the house secure and occupied. Try to give as much notice as you can, which in the event of a death or medical emergency isn’t always possible. Will the homeowner provide their address beforehand so you can get information on the neighbourhood? As the situation continues to evolve, our blog is the best place to learn more about your travels as a TrustedHousesitters member. United States citizens will find a good point of reference here regarding international visa requirements for both business and tourist travel. House Sitting Assignments - We are seeing 1-5 new assignments listed each day. Is the house clean, tidy and in good repair? When pursuing an international house sit please pay careful attention to the following tips: Remember it’s not just your trip which will be ruined if things aren’t in order – the homeowner is also relying on you to make their trip happen. Your email address will not be published. Hope you’re both well! Are you comfortable handling immediate or ensuing issues and relaying potential problems to the homeowner? This should be disclosed by the homeowner before the sit is agreed upon. House sitting continues to be a learning experience for us. It is your responsibility to clearly explain your criteria to potential house sitters and agree to the terms in a written contract.Every situation is unique; however, we have included the accepted standards of a general contract for your review. This year's new pandemic has meant that many of us who live for travel and house sitting, have put our lives on hold, or we are subject to stop / start house sitting as restrictions are placed and then lifted, repeatedly. RULES OF HOUSE SITTING. Thankfully Jerry is there to save the day…. Do you need to pay for any utilities? It’s not all about waiting for problems to arise, though. Use the 'Advanced search' tab to find positions in and around specific locations. If it’s not possible to put them away, simply ask your sitter not to use them. That means you’ll have hundreds of opportunities at any moment and in many different countries. Laura R. ( 2016-06-07 17:48:53 -0600 ) edit Add A Comment If you want to share your thoughts about TrustedHousesitters with the rest of the world, review us on Trustpilot. Providing warm companionship for the pets; the homeowners have chosen you instead of a kennel. Is this the right choice for you, or not? What’s more, you can only leave a review for a sitter or receive feedback from them if a sit has been confirmed. House sitting abroad – foreign house sitting stays. Somehow, if you do make it onto the flight it won’t end well for the airline either – they’ll get slapped with a very hefty fine. If you sign up for TrustedHousesitters using our special 25% discount code below we receive a nominal commission. Indeed this is an actual requirement in TrustedHousesitters. Do not discuss politics, religion, other house sitters or other homeowners. It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways: Being able to drive and having a valid license is a bonus for house sitting and in some cases a necessity. Airlines have the authority to deny you from boarding if your visa requirements haven’t been met. Check this page each day and you will see the newest assignments listed first! Is Fluffy a lap dog or a steak-eating behemoth? As with any guest in your home, we recommend that you put away possessions you’d like to keep private. Do I really need a house sitter? Excellent read, I’ve been forwarding it to friends who are considering house sitters. All in all it’s been an experience, I found your blog while looking up house sitting etiquette. Updating each other is easy using the TrustedHousesitters app. Global house sitting matching service bringing home owners and house/pet sitters together online. What follows are some basic observations to take into consideration before snapping some pictures during a house sit. Going away again? This article details the expectations listed below and other house sitter responsibilities once you land that gig. We’ve completed over two dozen house sitting jobs ranging from three days to five months. House Sitting Tips and Guidelines Freedom Concierge offers a variety of home services to make your vacation, business trip or extended stay away from your home as peaceful and easy as possible. The following guidelines are here to help you find your ideal house and pet sit. Be prepared for the possibility of clean-up duty after the hunt. Please note: as stated in the Terms and Conditions, owners can only cancel a sit when faced with extraordinary circumstances. A very good read! Be sure to reimburse your pet sitter for any agreed additional costs incurred during the sit. Don’t try to become an interior decorator. The ultimate goal of a house sit is for a seamless transition between homeowners and house sitters. The N.H.S. We’ve used them for a few years and it’s been a great chance for us save money as we travel, get comfortable and fall in love with plenty of cats, dogs and even a desert tortoise and goldfish! Our house sitting experiences have told us it’s best to be as flexible as possible and to allow for sudden changes. In this post, let’s talk more about houses. Always be prepared by having a list of your questions ready. 3. 1. House sitting can be a free arrangement that benefits all parties. Check the house sitting guidelines for vehicle/driving requirements, if any, before applying and especially if the location of the home is remote. Here’s a list of some very important house sitting expectations to have for yourself: Nobody wants to hear the dreaded words “there’s been a change of plans”! Tails of terror: My personal fears realised. A successful house sitting experience simply means all parties involved are content and happy at the end of the day. Oct 31, 2018 - If something goes wrong at a house sit, it's prior preparation, quick thinking, and rapid action that will save the day, and your reputation! Let us know if any house-sitting gigs pop up! Sounds crazy but it can happen…. Remember, owners must make sure sitters are welcomed into a clean home. Lovely to see the photos..we miss Lucy terribly. Will that visa cover the duration of the sit? House-sitting can be a win-win situation all round. No person/s or pet/s other than those listed in this agreement are permitted to live at the Although these house sitting guidelines may seem a bit anally-retentive this is in reality being respectful. The hardest part is always saying good-bye. While some people only need a few hours to handover, you may want to dedicate a whole day to it. Great reading material, I had never considered house sitting for travel and as I am house sitting right now and taking care of the home owners dog, I was given a list of all instructions, which wasn’t very long considering the home owner bought the house my grandparents sold to him, I grew up here and it’s been bitter sweet not much has changed, I know where everything is and belongs because he kept the order. Will you need any vaccinations to enter the country you’ll be sitting in? A good case in point is my own personal idiosyncratic phobia, which is a game changer for me! Vaccines must be administered in advance of travel. HOUSE SITTING MUTUAL AGREEMENT This HOUSE SITTING AGREEMENT is made on ____/_____/_____ Between: ... guidelines to locating the property (e.g. This will mean you need to set your start date to the day before you depart, and then detail this in your listing. The former is a nice gesture; the latter is often a convenience for the homeowner. You (the visa-less traveller) will be turned around upon arriving at what would’ve been your destination and sent back to where you came from. What are the standard guidelines of a house sitting agreement? Please note: owners and sitters are asked to confirm the sit individually, to ensure both parties are committed to the sit. Welcome your pet sitter into a clean and comfortable home. Did they promise the spare bedroom upstairs to cousin Earl for a few nights? We’ve had homeowners ask us to post items. We’ll miss the Grand Dame of the mesa, too. Be prepared. Thank you again for the great read and the tips in some of your other articles! This will aid them when applying for future sits and help other owners decide whether they’re the right sitter for them. House sitting agreement The home owner gives the house sitter permission to occupy the above premises as long as they abide by the conditions of this agreement. Also request permission from the homeowners if you plan to use photos of their pets online. Here's 42 questions you must ask to avoid house sitting hell. How this site works. Also, this article pointed out many house sitter responsibilities. I just wanted to know what was expected for when the owner returned. Send regular updates via email, photos or video to the homeowners on how their fur babies are keeping. Familiarize yourself with the location and operation of the controls and emergency shut off mechanisms for electricity, gas and water. Rural electrics can be less stable, so … Consider yourself honoured when invited into a home as a stranger. Avoid using any of the homeowner’s personal property unless they’ve expressly given you permission to use it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It will then need to be reviewed and approved by our team. To help you through this important part of the process, here are three tried and trusted tips: While it may be tempting to accept the first person that applies to your sit, remember that it’s all about finding the perfect person to care for your pet — so don’t rush. The home owner told me he filled the refrigerator w some meats and shower me where some canned goods were he told me to please help myself because he did this for me bc going into town is 30 miles and the closest grocery store is about 40. What is House and Pet Sitting? 4. Our HouseSit Match Definition of ‘House-Sitting’. Is there a data cap? You are assuming the role of responsibility in the homeowner’s stead, therefore you must act accordingly. The concept of house sitting has been around for decades, but in the last few years house sitting for families has really taken off in various travel communities I’m involved in. Any unexpected guests arriving? From here you can create and update your own sitter available listing – instantly. After your handover, it’s time to give your pet one last cuddle before you set off knowing they’ll be safe and happy at home with their sitter. Remember to also detail any of the home responsibilities you would like to hand over, such as watering the plants or filtering the pool. I’m happy you found this and and hope it helped you out. Now Costa Rica was somewhere I’d come across during my school geography lessons, this I was sure. If you reach the interview stage with the homeowner use that time to ask questions. Your email address will not be published. In search of relevant content for House Sitting Magazine, I spend a lot of time reading comments on house sitting forums and social media sites. Although not expected, leave a simple note of thanks before leaving. However I was having a hard time racking my brain for any further snippets of information about the country. 2. Keep the house clean and tidy. Typically driving is only required in more rural locations where local bus transportation is sparse. Here’s everything you need to know about what to include…. Although these house sitting guidelines may seem a bit anally-retentive this is in reality being respectful. Accept offers of dinner and/or to spend the night prior to the house sit. If there are extra duties a fee may be negotiated between sitter and homeowner. Check online for what is required of your specific home country. The standard housesit is rent free accommodation in exchange for house/pet sitting. 2. Both you as the sitter and the homeowner will each have your own expectations of the house sit. Register, then login to your personal homepage on our site. I met the homeowner only after my grandparents sold and my husband became good friends with him, today is my last day here and it’s strange I feel like I’m leaving my grandparents home, I’ve been able to share so many of my childhood memories with my husband that I’ve never told him, even where my name is in the concrete in the pole barn, which was neat to see. Simply contact us at … We’ve had to dance around these subjects in the past –. That complete level of trust bestowed upon you means respectability is in order at every level. Inform homeowners ahead of time if you have another house sitting gig back-to-back with theirs. Therefore if you click on any of the Amazon links within our site and you make a purchase we do receive a nominal commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. This is the time in which you get to know other members and decide who you’ll be welcoming into your home to care for your pet. It continues to improve our skills, like how to interact with people you’ve just met. Before applying for an international house sit check and confirm your passport is in order. 5. Unexpected circumstances do arise unfortunately. Your responsibilities largely involve time with pets and being a general presence in the house. Do they interact well around other animals and humans? Before getting a house sitting job it’s important to know what homeowners expect from you. Depending on your nationality please check required documentations in your home country to secure this permit. This house sitting guide for home owners will make sure you find the very best house sitters to look after your home and pets. Watering indoor and outdoor plants and possibly performing general yard work. At the very least launder the towels and bedclothes you’ve used. Be prepared. Jun 14, 2019 - If something goes wrong at a house sit, it's prior preparation, quick thinking, and rapid action that will save the day, and your reputation! Are you allowed enough time to leisurely explore the area? How often? Are you a pet lover looking for a house sitting adventure? Do consider housesitting if you decide to travel – there are so many opportunities around the world with TrustedHousesitters. 4. Here are some useful rules of house sitting: DO ensure that both parties have a ‘plan B’ in case the house sitter is severely delayed or suddenly unable to undertake the assignment, or if the house owner cancels or postpones the assignment. Once you’ve carefully reviewed their application and read their profile — which is where you’ll find their references, reviews, andsitter verifications — reach out and ask each other as many questions as you both need to. There’s only one way to choose the perfect pet sitter: communication. Do not take photos of the interior or exterior of someone’s home without their express permission, especially if you plan to share the photos online. If the homeowner does offer the use of a vehicle enquire if you’re covered by their insurance. Ready to Get Free Accommodation Throughout the World and Get a Discount at Certain countries require a visa of inbound/arriving travellers, i.e. If a house sitting client/dog is extra needy, such that you can't leave for errands or short activities, you can adjust cost accordingly. If your international house sitting assignment requires this make sure you have an international driver’s permit. Once you know what’s expected you’re then ready to accept an offer. My airbnb hosts are away this week so I feel a little like a house sitter. Equally, they are not obliged to accept. Airlines can and will deny you boarding of your intended flight if you don’t meet the requirements. You’ll likely become very attached to your charges and meet the most lovely folk in the homeowners. is a free matching service for homeowners. Avoid using the homeowner’s address without permission. In any case, many of the same rules apply. Many people are unaware of the “Six Month Rule for Passports”, whereby you must have at least six months of validity on your passport for international travel. The inhabitants spoke Spanish, I did not. Required fields are marked *. We would be happy to hear from you and offer a free consultation at no charge. In the meantime, we recommend going to your dashboard and preparing your Welcome Guide. Be mindful of the utilities you use – don’t abuse the heat, air conditioning, electricity, etc. We’ve covered plenty of the expectations you’ll encounter as you look for, apply and accept a house sit. Cleaning House Sit Property Problems. Again, having a plan B is vital as both a house sitter and a homeowner. House sitting etiquette - the do's and dont's. Ditto on vaccines – certain countries require proof of vaccination(s) upon arrival at their point of entry. This also includes pets with a history of attacking other pets or people. What a nice comment to get from you! Previously I took care of his dog during the week for about a year until she had adjusted due to the fact she’s a hunting dog from Texas, it was a complete change for her and she didn’t forget me not one bit, most lovable dog ever, however I have my own dog my husband has been running home everyday to take care of her and our neighbors have been keeping an eye on the house, our dog is protective of me and more lovable with him. Entrusting your beloved home to a house sitter is never easy, especially if it’s your first time doing so. Therefore it’s your responsibility to do research before booking and know what’s required before travel. It is your responsibility to clearly explain your criteria to potential house sitters and agree to the terms in a written contract. These are merely guidelines to help you find a suitable house sitter for your situation. 3. They must also contact and unconfirm their sitter as soon as possible. You may have a lot of people applying, so don’t forget you can pause applications if you want some time to consider your current applications.